Monday, June 26, 2006

I Do Wonder

Have you ever wonder what will happen in the future? Have you ever wonder about the journey of your live? Have you ever wonder if your bf/gf is the one who'll accompany you for live? Have you ever wonder if you are a friend worth having? Have you ever wonder how true your friends are to you?

What's Wrong With The People?

Heard from bf yesterday that his sister's friend were involved in an accident with a motorcyclist yesterday. He end up got beaten by the group of motorcyclist. Not sure when he called, but when his dad arrived, his dad got beaten up too. Luckily there are some people who came to their aid. And the motorcyclist including the one whom actually involved in the accident leave. So i doubt the motorcyclist is injured, maybe slightly. Just a minor accident and things turn out like that. No wonder i've always been afraid of motorcyclist whenever i drive. Because to some of them, no matter whose fault it is, they'll always put the blame on you, and things will turn nasty. Luckily though, his sister who is in the car that time is not harm.

An uncle passed away last week. The day we went to pay respect to him at his house, 2 guys riding a motor passed by few times. It's suspicious as they have to ride pass at the small space left between the tent and the grass area, and they are not even staying at that row of houses. We end up have to take the tables to fully block the road to prevent them to pass by or to slow them down should they rob the "pak kam". Maybe there are many people that time, so nothing happens. 2-3 days later, an uncle (one of the son), was robbed and injured right outside of their house the moment he got out, end up he had to be send to the hospital for stitches. Suspected it's done by the friends of those 2 motorcyclist as they are of the same race. Is a funeral not bad enough that they have to rob and injured the son?

Seriously, what's wrong with people nowadays? Fell on the ground in an accident, beat them. Funeral is not enough, rob them. Robbing is not enough, injured them. Nothing better to do, kidnap them. Is there still safety? Maybe next time we'll have to grille the whole house and stay in. Go out only when necessary and in a big group?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Cinema

went to the new cinema, Cathay Cineplex at Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara to watch the Tokyo Drift. the cinema consist of 2 levels. the lower level is where you buy your tickets and snack. they have a whole screen facing the customer and another one facing the ticket seller which is nice and convenient, but too bad, it's not touch screen. the movie halls? room? are located at the upper level. they have a hall with sofas for you to sit while waiting to go in. they also have an electronic device (not sure what it's called) located at the top of the room number next to the entrance with the name of the show. the room is red in colour, and the arm rest are a bit different from the normal vertical ones. they curve down and so the cup holder will be lower which i think is nice. the legroom is not as spacious as GSC 1-U. i like the sound system or maybe it's the new speakers? as it's very clear. looks like i'll be going further and further to watch movies already. :p

oh, there is this sign at a row of parking space near the entrance. funny, never came across of such sign before. is it a privilege for females? safer? or what? wonder how will they know if a guy parks there. maybe they'll have a guard there to make sure? :-D


went to watch the following movies recently:-

1. R.V - Runaway Vacation
about a man who brings his family to Colorado in an RV for the first time instead of to Hawaii as planned for vacation. the show is of the journey. about how the family hates it, how they tried to avoid another family who stays in an RV and how they finally got along. it is a funny show in my opinion.

2. The Fast and The Furious - Tokyo Drift
a teenage boy who stays with his mother and always have to move from one place to another because he is always causing problems. in the end, his mother had to send him to his father in tokyo to prevent him from being send to the jail. this teenage loves to race. first day of school, and he's already challenging another guy name D.K (Donkey Kong? haha...). he knew nothing about drifting and end up destroying the car of a guy, Han (his drifting sifu). things starts to get bad when he fell for D.K's girl and his sifu's cheating of money was found out by D.K's uncle. nice show with nice songs.

3. Stay Alive
a group of friends start playing with a beta game called Stay Alive. they are required to read out a verse?curse? before they can start the game. when they die in the game, they die in real live in the exact way they die in the game. and as usual, the main actor and actress will never die. not a very nice show. just ok ok only.

Limited Edition

nowdays, everything has got "Limited Edition". from branded stuffs to cars, and now even chocolates and sweets. bought a Limited Edition Mentos which comes in the flavour of green apple, grape and pineapple. taste is sweet if you just suck it, once you bite it, it's sour. still prefer the original mint ones. and i also bought a Limited Edition XI Kit Kat. it comes in cappuccino flavour. not bad leh, nice cappuccino smell and taste.

Monday, May 15, 2006


went for an interview today. after that, went out for breakfast+lunch with an ex-colleague. finally able to meet up with him after a long time. he'll be leaving for overseas soon, so fast fast meet up with him while still got the chance. he so good, got woken up by me, fetch me from my interview to SS19 and back home, yet still spend me eat "pan mee". since he's leaving i'm the one who is suppose to spend him hor? never mind la. wait till the next time he come back first la :p. after that, on the way home, we saw a green myvi overturned on the divider in the middle of the road at 'don't remember the name of that road', in between USJ2 and USJ4. no idea how it overturned and don't think anyone's injured. just feel 'sakit hati' for the owner of the car as of course, it's a new car. anyway, as long as no one is injured.

p/s: although i doubt he ever know i got this blog, would just like to say thank you for the meal and wish you all the best. have a nice trip. ;-)

Poor Iguana

went to cheras on friday for steamboat with bf and his family. after that we went to his grandma's house nearby. seems like 1 of his cousin has moved in with them because he's studying nearby. and he brought along his 3 tortoise, 1 turtle and an iguana. after playing with and feeding his tortoises and turtle, bf proceed to disturb the sleeping iguana. after it's awake, his sister came to disturb it as well. turning the cage around to stop it from glaring at them. after much persuading and finally get bf to stop disturbing that poor thing, his mum and grandma came out. and guess what happen? bf started to laugh and i felt like banging my head into the wall. why? his mum took the cage up and started shaking it. and then it's his grandma's turn to shake it. reason? the 2 of them don't understand why it never move and always keep still. i'm really speechless and strengthless. pity that poor thing. got woken up from it's sweet sleep and disturb and shake by total strangers. luckily the cousin is no where to be seen.